Vacation Diet Tips

Don’t let your vacation sabotage your good eating habits!

Here’s a few tips to help you stay on track but still enjoy your vacation with friends and family.

  • Skip the complimentary continental breakfast pastries and have a real sit down breakfast.  The continental may be complimentary but you won’t get much nutrition from a donut and OJ.  So instead try a protein-packed meal with eggs, turkey bacon, and whole wheat toast.  However, the continental breakfast isn’t all that bad … grab a few pieces of fruit to put in your bag for healthy snacks to munch as you sightsee in your destination city.
  • Pick one semi-splurge meal … If you’re going to go crazy and enjoy the local dish just pair it with a side salad or steamed veggies instead of fatty/carby sides, (like fries, bread, etc.).  The plate will be a little more balanced and you’ll feel better!
  • Split the dessert with everyone at the table! Have a bite or two and then pass the plate to your neighbor.
  • Eat on the go … Visit a food cart or truck and take your meal to a scenic area of town. Enjoy the walk and the views of the city while munching on a portioned control meal!
  • If you’re on a road trip – pack a cooler with healthy, protein-packed snacks and fruits and veggies. Avoid picking up gas station snacks and fast food along the way to your destination.  You’ll save calories, money and even time by driving right by these calorie traps!
  • Buffets … just because you can eat “all you can eat” doesn’t mean you SHOULD.  Load up the big entrée plate with lots of salad and then use your smaller plate for the lean proteins and one small serving of a carb.  Again, split that one dessert with all your family and friends.
  • Drink water!!! If you’re sightseeing  all day, lying on the new beach or on an adventure … Bring water, buy water and ask for water!! You’ll stay hydrated. Did you know that when you’re dehydrated your body tricks you into thinking you’re hungry? … So chug some water and you’ll see that it was water that you’re body was craving.
  • When you’re sitting back and enjoying a beer or a cocktail (hopefully a lighter version) pair it with a tall glass of water! You’ll end up drinking less of the bad stuff … less calories, more filling!
  • And finally … Vacation is short term! If you over indulge, don’t beat yourself up over it. Get right back on track when you get back home! Get back in the kitchen where you can control ingredients, portions and have a sense of normalcy!


Author: Peak Physique

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