Thou Shall … Cheat


“Don’t eat what you want. Don’t eat what you crave.  Just. Don’t. Do. It!” said some meanie personal trainer.  But I promise you it wasn’t a trainer  from Peak Physique!

Well, today I’m gonna tell you it’s OKAY to CHEAT!  But, before you head over to the buffet or binge on chocolate cake and ice cream, here are a few things to think about.

90 10


It’s hard to eat clean 24/7.  If you eat healthy and stick to your plan 90% of the week or month, then you can have a pass the other 10%! You won’t de-rail your hard work training or in the kitchen by cheating ONE MEAL. That’s right … ONE MEAL, NOT AN ENTIRE DAY!

Remember, you didn’t get to where you are by eating great or poorly ONE time!  It’s about consistency and it can go either way!



Are you in the midst of a weight loss plateau?  A cheat meal may help you overcome it.  Your metabolism will rev up again from a meal a little higher in calories and you’ll begin moving back down the scale.



Talk about rut!  If you are eating clean and feel like it’s the same day in and day out, a cheat meal will mentally psych you up!  Hooray!! You also learn to not beat yourself up over a bad meal.  You had it.  And now you’re done with it.  Continue on your plan.

dinner party


Make this cheat meal about enjoying life.  Instead of indulging on bad foods, indulge on the experience.  Sit back with friends or family, enjoy the conversation, enjoy new recipes/entrees and take your time and savor each bite.  You’ve waited this long for this cheat meal so don’t waste it on Twinkies and Cheetos.

back to basics


Now that your cheat meal is over go back to your nutrition plan.  Plan your next cheat meal for the coming week or later on in the month.  What do you want to enjoy and experience next? When you’re consistent with your training and eating, one meal will be a welcome reward and not a derailment!

Enjoy! … And remember folks, eat responsibly!

Author: Peak Physique

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