“You can, you should. And if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” – Stephen King

Every week, I watch “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” while on the elliptical, getting in my cardio. If you don’t already know, every episode is about an obese participant who goes on a 365-day weight loss journey. The trainer gives the client goals every 3 months, there are weigh-ins, challenges and, for some, skin removal surgery. As a trainer, I find inspiration in these stories. And as a formerly heavy person, I can relate to their stories and struggles.

However, these shows really aren’t about the people losing weight; they’re about finding themselves and learning to make themselves a priority. They realize their weight loss was much more than just eating right and exercising, that they have the strength to make a change that will make a difference in their lives, which in turn makes a difference in their family’s lives.

If you’ve struggled to lose weight, it may be because you don’t feel empowered. You feel tired. You feel obligations from work, family, and other things. Losing weight isn’t just about eating less, or eating the right things, or exercising like you should. It’s about finding YOU and making YOU a priority.

In each episode, you can see when the participant finally “gets it.” I’ve seen that moment in many of my clients. I’ve seen it in myself. It’s about YOU! You have to decide that YOU are number 1. You have to want a change for yourself, and you can’t do it for anyone else. It has to be for YOU!

The reward of YOU becoming a priority is that YOU become your best self. When you’re at your best, then you can be your best at being a parent, spouse, worker, and friend.

So how do you get there? First, ask yourself …

  • What do YOU want to be?
  • How do YOU want to feel?
  • What do YOU want to look like?
  • What are YOUR goals in health, family, life, etc.?

Then, YOU make a plan …

  • What are YOU willing to do to meet these goals?
  • What changes are YOU going to make?
  • Schedule time in for yourself for exercise and meal planning.
  • Make a menu and plan healthy foods to fuel YOUR body.
  • Can YOU do it alone … or do YOU need a trainer and nutrition guidance?
  • Finally … YOU do it!

YOU make the time for exercise. Put it on YOUR calendar! You wouldn’t miss a meeting a work or your kid’s soccer game. So you shouldn’t miss this meeting with yourself!

YOU eat well and make healthy food choices. If you have the menu planned, then stick to it. Buy your groceries based on your plan and enjoy healthy foods that fuel your body, not junk that makes you feel run down.

Also, make sure that YOU get enough sleep. This is so very important. Again, it’s about making YOU a priority, and you need 6-8 hours of restful sleep each night! Turn the TV off, and put that book away. Leave your phone and tablet in another room. Make a bedtime—and stick to it.

Do it for YOU, YOU, YOU!

Some of you may feel that it’s selfish to make yourself the priority, especially if you have a family. But remember that you can’t be at your best for others if you’re not at your best!

From personal experience, I realized I needed to make myself a priority. I was doing everything for everyone and spreading myself way too thin; meanwhile, I was far from THIN! And I wasn’t really doing my best for everyone else either. My eating was horrible, I rarely exercised, my sleeping habits were awful (I may have been getting 8 hours of sleep … but not restful sleep) and my relations with others were not what I wanted them to be. I decided I had to put myself first and do what was necessary to get healthy and reach my fitness goals. In the process, I lost weight and so did by my husband, I enjoyed work much more and felt more fulfilled with life.

You can do it!

But here’s something else … WE can help you! You don’t have to do it alone. Get a trainer (ahem … a Peak Physique trainer), join a fitness group (ahem again … FREE RUN CLUB every Saturday at 8:30 a.m.), join an online support group, ask friends and family for help and support and/or get your whole family involved, eating healthy, and participating in family fitness activities.

Once you make yourself a priority, you will then be empowered to tackle the challenge of finally making the lifestyle changes necessary to meet your fitness goals.

If you’re ready to start a healthier and fitter lifestyle and you’re in the Richmond, VA and surrounding areas, click HERE to contact us today for your FREE consultation.

Author: Peak Physique

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