The Road to a 5K: JC’s journey

The Road to a 5K: JC’s journey

Meet Peak Physique client John Carter “JC” and his road to running the VCU Broad Street Mile 5K. 

UPDATE: Sept 25, 2014

JC crossing finish lineI did not know what to expect (of the 5K), and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Although I did have a couple of minor issues that I was dealing with, I think I did pretty well. My official time was 43:39, now I don’t know if that was good or not. But, to me, it was excellent. I said I was going to do it and I crossed the finish line. I would have NEVER been able to do any of this if it wasn’t for Parker.
When I showed my 74 year old mom the picture of me crossing the finish line, she started crying. I see an 8K coming up in November. I will have to put some thought and a lot more training in to do that one. But, I already have people that want to run with me. I still cannot believe that.

Sept 19, 2014

I am going to do this race. I have always admired the people or friends that do these 5K, 10K or whatever. Never did I think I would EVER consider doing one of any kind. Once I started getting in shape, quit smoking and eating better I felt more confident in myself to try new things. So, I picked this 5K to start with. I know it is not a 10K or a marathon, but to me it is just as big. I know I will do fine. I still haven’t gotten the knack of running, but I am going to give it my best shot.

Aug. 29, 2014

I’ve had some ups and downs the past couple of weeks. I also had some good news and bad news. As always, the good news first: I had my annual checkup and my blood pressure was 119/72, the best I have had in probably 20 years.  My Dr. was very pleased that I had lost weight, quit smoking (a whole month now), quit soft drinks (also one month), started exercising and now running. He was so pleased that I no longer have to take 2 of the medications that I have been taking for years.

Now the bad news, I got some virus and was out of commission for almost a whole week. Once I got over it I was very week and it took me a couple of days to try to get back into the swing of things. Once I started back with my running, my legs (calves mostly) were killing me. I figured it was still left over from being sick. I was so tired still that I would come back and go straight to sleep. I am feeling better now. When Parker and I ran I could not believe how much better I felt, body wise. I told Parker that my body feels like I could run it all again, but my lungs were burning. I just haven’t gotten the breathing down to a science yet.

After the 5K, I think I am going to stick more to exercising. Running is okay, but I don’t particularly like it.

UPDATE: Aug. 15, 2014

The running shoes that will carry JC over the 5K finish line.

JC showing off his new running shoes! He’s ready to train for the 5K!

As soon as I told Parker that I was going to do the 5K he said we needed to start training. The first day I thought I was going to die. Now you have to remember that this is coming from someone that has maybe run 2 times in my 56 years on earth. We did about 1.7 miles the first day. That was running and fast walking, switching back and forth. That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be to be honest. We worked up to 2.5 miles, now with running, walking and sprinting. I have to admit that I was still smoking about 2 to 3 cigarettes a day while doing this. I had not had a cigarette for about 2 days and I thought that running that day would be a breeze. Wrong! That was my worst day.

Now it has been about 2 weeks since I quit smoking all together and I must say I am doing a little better. Parker tells me that I will hit my “stride”. Still waiting for that to hit. Running is not that bad, or not as bad as I thought it would be. Personally, I find it rather boring. I think I would rather be doing exercises. Then to my surprise I found out that you have to pay to run in the 5K. I said I was going to do the 5K so I will make my payment and run the 5K. How much I run after the 5K, I don’t know yet. I guess if I hit my “stride” I may do it more.

July 29, 2014 

JC updated us with this short video blog.

From JC’s trainer, Parker Knight: “We made good progress today.   He has increased his distance to 2.4mi.  It took 10:30 minutes one way; but only 9:20 mins on way back.  JC was much more motivated to increase his intervals on the return. I think he’s doing GREAT!!”

On top of improving his fitness, losing weight and training for the VCU Broad Street Mile 5K. JC is also trying to quit smoking! He’s significantly decreased his cigarette use!

July 23, 2014
All of my life I have not been one to work out, play sports or anything that involved exercise. I moved to Richmond in 2010 and weighed more than I ever have in my life. I went to buy a pair of pants and had to go up a size—a size 40 waist, and I am only 5’8”.

Right then I knew something had to change. I joined Weight Watchers and the weight started coming off. But, something was missing. I decided I needed a trainer to help me continue what I had started. I needed someone that could teach me all of the things that I did not know about exercising and nutrition. When I first started out with Peak Physique trainer Parker Knight I felt that I could not do half of the stuff he told me to do. But, he pushed me, giving me the confidence that I could do these things. After a while I noticed that I could do more push-ups, among many other things that at one time I could not do. I started noticing changes in my body and muscles popping up that I did not even know I had. What really gave me more inspiration was when friends and even strangers came up to me and said they noticed a big difference in me. So, I know that it is all worth it. I never thought I would say this in my life time, but I am at the point now that I do like to exercise and feel bad if I miss a work out. Plus now I can wear a size 33/34 waist pants!

JC before ... and TODAY!!!

JC before … and TODAY!!!

One of my friends has been doing the Tough Mudders races for a while with her husband and I always thought that would be neat to do. Then I saw the VCU Broad Street Mile 5K and decided this is my chance. I don’t know how far I will go in the 5K, but I am going to give it my best. I look forward to doing the 5K and am hoping I will move on up to the 10K one day.

I have to thank Parker for pushing me and making me get rid of the negativity in my life. Along with all that he has done to help me meet my goals.

If you’re interested in running with JC and Peak Physique in the Broad Street Mile/5K or any other race, check out our upcoming races page. Or contact us at for more information.

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