Q & A with Will Wright


Get to know a little bit more about one of our top certified personal trainers Will Wright.


1. What’s your favorite exercise, why? Deadlifts for functional strength and burpees for overall fitness.

2. What’s your least favorite exercise, why? Pretty much any isolation exercise. Quit wasting your time and DO WORK!

3. What’s your favorite healthy meal? Sashimi! Or Thai mango salmon. Really any fresh fish makes me happy. Least favorite? If it involves kale or beets, you can count me out!

4. What’s your favorite cheat meal? A jar of peanut butter and a spoon! Least favorite? I’m not a fan of sweets.

5. What’s your favorite motivational quote or personal mantra? “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

6. Why did you become a certified personal trainer? To me it’s all about changing lives and saving lives. 

7. What inspires you or motivates you? God, my family, my friends, and my clients.

8. Best or favorite personal fitness moment. Placing in the top 2% at my first Spartan Race was pretty cool.

9. Best or favorite client story? I ran into an old client at the Monument Avenue 10k back in 2013. We hadn’t seen each other in many years, and in the time that had passed he lost over 70 pounds. He cried when he saw me, hugged me, and told me that I had completely changed his life. In addition to running races, he informed me that he now leads an organization-wide fitness program. I was so proud! It was really an emotional moment.

10. Do you have any specific fitness goals for yourself? Completing the Spartan Trifecta in 2017. A podium finish would be nice, too!

11. Where’s your favorite place to travel/vacation? Vietnam

12. Do you exercise when you travel? Or just relax? Of course I exercise! Traveling is no excuse to give up on your fitness goals. Gravity and the world around you provide you with all the power you need to be your healthiest self.

13. What’s your favorite movie? Braveheart

14. Do you listen to music when working out? Genre? Depends on the workout. If I’m lifting heavy, hard rock and metal really helps me dial it in.

15. If you had a different career, what would it be? Professional athlete or pastor

16. Do you have any special skills or unique hobbies (unrelated to fitness)? I can wiggle my ears. Does that count for anything??

17. Give a small description about the things you love in your life. I have been in Richmond pretty much my whole life, and am very grateful to have such a large, diverse group of friends in the area. When I am not working or training for my next Spartan Race, I really enjoy hiking, traveling, spending time with my family, and being active at my church, Area 10 Faith Community. I have a beautiful niece and three nephews. 

18. More about me … I have dedicated most of my life to learning about exercise, nutrition and supplementation because these are my passions, and I believe I was put on this earth to lead others to a richer, more fulfilling life through health and wellness. If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 


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Author: Peak Physique

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