Q & A with Tony Adams

Get to know a little bit more about one of our top certified personal trainers and Peak Physique owner Tony Adams.

1. What’s your favorite exercise, why? My favorite exercise is probably my least favorite exercise to do myself, for the simple reason is that it is so physically demanding.  The squat.  But, the squat not only works some of the largest and most important muscles in the body, many of those same muscles are ones we under-utilize in our daily life.

2. What’s your favorite healthy meal? Vegetable Turkey Meatloaf with balsamic glaze

3. What’s your favorite motivational quote or personal mantra? “There are no special tricks to achieving your fitness goals, only good direction and consistency.”

4. Why did you become a certified personal trainer? Growing up I played team sports and was a competitive runner. I always struggled with gaining muscle and was constantly plagued with injuries.  These challenges inspired an interest in learning more about how and why the body works the way it does.  While studying exercise physiology in college I developed a passion for the science of exercise and how a real knowledge of the body could greatly improve how you take care of it.  Naturally, I made my way to personal training because it gave me an avenue  to share that passion.

5. What inspires you or motivates you? Developing a very personalized plan for a client, and then watching my clients reaching their goals.

6. Best or favorite client story? When my client competed for the title of Mrs. Virginia.  Read Jeanette’s journey here!

7. Do you have any specific fitness goals for yourself? My goal for myself is still the same… build muscle and maintain functional fitness and symmetry to help prevent injury. 

8. Where’s your favorite place to travel/vacation? I love any beach… I really enjoy visiting lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, catching up with my closest friends.

9. Do you exercise when you travel? Or just relax? Yes. Exercising helps me relax. 

10. What’s your favorite movie? Man on Fire.”

11. Do you listen to music when working out? Genre? Whatever is playing in the gym.

12. If you had a different career, what would it be? A medical doctor or real estate investor 

13. Do you have any special skills or unique hobbies (unrelated to fitness)? I am a fairly decent cook and enjoy golfing with friends.

14.  More about me … I’m an only child, and my parents moved from Richmond, where we grew up, to N.C. a few years ago. I have 2 cats, Gabby and Smokey, and they keep me vacuuming often.

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Author: Peak Physique

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