Get a leg up this legging season

It’s Fall!! And that means it is also the season of LEGGINGS!! Are your legs ready?

Ladies (and men) know that leggings will make a great pair of legs look fantastic!


Here are few ways to lift the butt, tighten the thighs and tone calves.



Squats will do wonders for the rear. Make sure your weight is on the heels of your feet, knees don’t pass your toes, and that you keep your back flat and chest lifted.

12-15 reps / 3 sets




Lunges will sculpt glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. It’s really an all-in-one exercise.

Keep your body lifted, weight on the heel of your front foot, and both legs should make a 90-degree angle when bent.

12-15 reps / 3 sets



step ups

Do step-ups with or without weights. This is great not only for the legs, but you’ll feel your core working to maintain your balance and it’ll get your heart rate up!

Step up with the RIGHT LEG onto a bench, keeping weights at your side, lift LEFT LEG to a knee lift. Step down and repeat, alternating legs.

12-15 reps (each leg) / 3 sets




No need for the “thigh master” from the ’80s! This exercise will do the trick! Lie on your side, straighten your bottom leg, and slowly raise and lower. Think about your heel leading the lift.

Follow this combo:

12 slow lifts, up and down

12 small circles, clockwise

12 small circles, counter clockwise

3 sets (each leg)


Calf raises


Grab a pair of dumbbells, 10 lbs. or more. Stand with your feel parallel and about hip-width. Rise onto the ball of your feet and then slowly lower yourself. Just before the heel touches the ground, rise again.

12-15 reps / 3 sets


Go ahead and buy your leggings for the season! Add these exercises to your usual workout program and you’ll be strutting your stuff in your leggings in no time!

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Author: Peak Physique

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