Are you attending a cook-out or picnic this holiday weekend but afraid of over-doing it?  Here are some helpful tips that will keep you enjoying the party but not regretting it the next day or week!

– eat the patty, but skip the bun!  The cheese is ok too!  Add it to a bed of salad and chop the burger into bite size pieces.  Add ½ sliced avocado, pickles and/or onions. Now you have a yummy burger-salad!

Hot dogs – turkey hot dogs save you lots of calories and fat!  Choose a whole-wheat bun too!  But if you can’t, make it an open-faced hot dog.  Tear off half the bun, use only 1 hot dog wiener, and load up on pickles, onions, mustard and peppers.  This will require a fork and knife but you save carbs and calories!! Messy but satisfying!

BBQ or Grilled Chicken – choose white meat over dark meat and remove the skin. Ask for BBQ sauce on the side and use your fork to drizzle over the chicken!

Steak –  pick a smaller and leaner cut.  Ask the grill master to trim the fat! ENJOY!



Cole slaw / potato salad – Portion control is key!!! ¼ cup is all you need!  Choose lightly dressed coleslaw or mustard potato salad.  If it’s mayonnaise-based, just a one spoonful is all you need!

Chips – before grabbing a handful read the back of the package!  How many chips are a serving?  Just get that many!  And if it’s available, pick the baked chips. You’ll save calories and fat!

VEGGIES!!! – Please eat your veggies!  Make your entrée a salad and add just a bit of the chips/slaw/etc. on the side. And when you’re hanging out and mingling with friends and family, nosh on veggies to keep you from grabbing all those not-so-good snacks.

Dessert – There’s a 100% chance that there will some sweet treat at a cookout … so here are some good, better and best choices.


Good: Choose a mini cupcake over a huge slice of cake …
Better: Choose a fruit based frozen pop or sorbet over ice cream…
BEST: Choose chilled fruit – strawberries, blueberries and a dollop of light whipped cream!

Please drink lots of water!  It’s most likely gonna be HOT on July 4th!  Keep hydrated! This will keep you from thinking you’re hungry when in fact you’re just thirsty!

Wanna beer or cocktail, check out the link from the Happy Hour = Happy Calories to find some low-cal drinks!

Of course you can always bring something from home! Prepare something fresh, healthy and portioned controlled! Everyone will love you for bringing a healthy alternative.  There are always a few healthy eaters at a cookout and they are looking to make good choices too!

Have a Happy 4th of July!!! … and please remember to eat and drink responsibly.

Author: Peak Physique

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