Jeanette C -Testimonial

This is a testimonial from our client Jeanette Carpenter and her 16-week journey to compete in Mrs. Virginia pageant March 2015.

Written by: Jeanette Carpenter, M.D.

Being a wife, physician, and mother of two, my time was very much spoken for. But life does seem to throw you surprises, and as chance had me, I found myself in the world of beauty pageants and the winner of Mrs. Richmond!  As ecstatic and surprised as I was, I knew that before I took the stage in the Mrs. Virginia pageant, I still had a ways to go.

I have always been naturally thin but I was not tone nor did I feel “fit.”  I had some problem areas- namely my midsection, back, buttocks and thighs that really needed to be tightened up; after all, I was going to be on stage in a bikini!  So I decided to a consult with Peak Physique owner Tony Adams for some help. 

At the time my body fat was 24% and I weighed 130 lbs. Although I had no idea what my goals should be, other than looking good, Tony sat down with me and helped me set some very realistic and measurable goals to reach for.  Because Peak Physique is a concierge, in-home fitness company, Tony came to train with me at my home saving me invaluable time.  After my initial assessment and measurements, we began working together to come up with an eating plan that would encourage my body to change; I needed to increase my muscle and drop my fat, without losing weight. We also worked on a customized workout to start toning the right areas while softening others so that I would look my best on stage.  My experience was so successful and fulfilling that I wanted to take you through my road to my pageant.


Jeanette’s before pictures

Week 4 check-in

Working with Tony and the Peak Physique team is not what I expected. I assumed I would be forced to do multiple exercises over and over with sweat and tears – like a boot camp. But it’s nothing like that. They pay attention to your cues and recognize when you need to stop and when you can keep going (even if you don’t know yourself). I never have to guess what to do when I am not working with my trainer; everything is written down for me, and they are very accessible for when I may have questions.  After only four weeks I have made great progress…. my body fat percentage had dropped 2.7% (down to 21.3%), I lost 1 inch off of my waist, and like we planned, I lost 0 lbs.

I also maintained the eating plan he recommended which was tailored to my busy schedule, and that is a big reason why I’ve been able to do so well. I’ve struggled some to get the cardio in but I’ve kept to the 4-day-per-week workout routine. They even designed special routines that I could do easily while I was on vacation.


Jeanette’s 4-week results.

Week 8 check-in

This past 4 weeks has been tougher emotionally. I’ve had some stressful life events but with Tony’s help I’ve been able to maintain my progress. I’m down another 2% body fat and although I went through a stressful week where I lost quite a bit of weight, I’ve gained it back and am back to my starting weight.

I did slip up on my eating some this month but Tony is great at knowing how to encourage you to get back on track without feeling guilty.  We continue to look at my food log to help hone in on the changes that need to be made in my diet.  I am a vegan most of the time which makes it hard to get enough protein so we discussed some foods with higher protein and how to get those in regularly.

I was also offered the chance to work with their nutritionist to get the maximum education I needed for planning my meals.

Week 12 check-in

I went on vacation again this month, and this time, because I would not have access to any equipment, my customized workout routine was designed to cater to that.  That made it much easier to fit the workouts in. I’ve also started being more diligent with my eating. I have a timer set to remind me to eat every 3 hours – per my trainer’s recommendations. I’m also working hard on meal planning in advance.

It’s getting closer to the pageant now so we are really working on toning my legs and softening my arms. The workouts are a little more tiring – higher reps, lower weight, full-body workouts. It seems to be doing the trick though because I’m now down to 18.5% body fat and I’m still 130lbs.

12 WEEK 1

Jeanette’s 12-week results.

12 WEEK 2

Jeanette’s 12-week results.

Week 16 check-in

I’m pretty much pageant ready.  I have come so far from where I started. I wouldn’t have stepped foot on stage in a bikini before. Now I’m extremely confident in how I look and feel. I have truly been trained by the best. And it’s so important for us to take care of ourselves. After working 1-on-1 with Tony over the past 4 months and getting to know the other trainers on his team, it is obvious that Peak Physique only hires the best; they are not just skilled as personal trainers, but above the mold as individuals and professionals.  I can’t imagine not training with Tony and Peak Physique, and now I’m planning to keep this up past the pageant to maintain what I have achieved.


Jeanette’s final results.

Author: Peak Physique

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