In-home personal training vs. big box gym training?

Which is better… in-home personal training vs. big box gym training?

Peak Physique is an in-home personal training company. So, of course, we believe that you’re going to get the most benefit from working with us. But, it’s not just because we want you as part of our team.

No drive time / traffic – Peak Physique trainers come to you or meet you wherever you want.  Let us be the ones who deal with the traffic, and we’ll be on time, on your doorstep, and ready for your workout! You only have a limited amount of free time–spend it working out with us, not in the car!

Flexible scheduling – At gyms, you have to deal with when it’s open, when the trainer is working, and when the trainer is available to see you.  At Peak Physique, we know that you live busy lives, so we make it easy for you.  We train you at any hour of the day.  We have many clients who work out before the crack of dawn, late into the evenings, and even on weekends.

Exercises easier to replicate on your own – Peak Physique trains you and shows you how to do your workout with little to no equipment.  This way, you don’t have to spend extra money to purchase equipment for when you work out on your own. Working with your Peak Physique trainer and/or on your own will be much easier and more effective. And workouts with us will always be creative—based on what you need, not what the gym pushes or their machines allow.

Personalized touch – We don’t have fancy computer programs that spit out a pre-designed workout for you. We have people, who listen to what you need and design programs with you in mind—not their quota numbers. Peak Physique trainers give you a thorough consultation, discussing your goals, time frame, and current nutrition and fitness.  Then we design a program with all that in mind.  In the end, that will give you better results.

No waiting for machines and no over-crowding – When you walk into a gym, it’s often so overcrowded that you can’t even do the workout you’d planned.  But when you train with Peak Physique, you spend the entire hour actually working out, with no standing and no waiting around. Our equipment is always ready, just for you, and we have an exercise for you to do. Plus, you can do it the in the privacy and comfort of your own home, with no one watching you.

Opportunities for on-site training – Sometimes, you just don’t want to be inside a gym to work out, especially on a beautiful fall day.  If you want a change of scenery, Peak Physique is willing (no matter the weather!) to take the training outside at a park, to shores of the James River, or any location of your choice.

No gym membership fees – When you work out with a trainer at a gym, you have to pay gym memberships on top of your trainers’ fee.  But not at Peak Physique.  You save money each month by not having to pay additional gym membership fees. Peak Physique also offers free admittance to two weekly run clubs to give you more opportunities to workout alongside your trainer—at no extra cost to you!

Train with friends and family – Peak Physique not only offers one-on-one training, we also love working with partners and groups. Training with a friend, or even several friends makes, working out a social event, helps hold you accountable, and allows you to motivate one another.  And because we know two people are busier than one, we offer flexible schedules for group training.

The winner? In-home personal training!!

Peak Physique makes training easier for you to fit into your busy life.  We give you more individualized and personalized attention, therefore giving you better results. And really, when you get better results, the winner is you!

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Author: Peak Physique

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