David M – Testimonial

Photographs of my father in his 70s and 80s always show him with his head hanging to one side. In my 70s, similar photos would show my head hanging straight forward because it was painful to simply hold it upright. Whenever I sat down I immediately tucked my fist under my chin in order to take the weight of my head off of my neck. In 2011, I decided that it might be a good idea for me to start working out.

Observing other personal trainers, I liked the way Peak Physique owner/trainer Tony Adams worked with his clients. When I asked for a consultation, his first question was “What are your goals?”

I was an 83 year old male with two heart surgeries, lower back pain, a knee with no cartilage and arthritis in my fingers. My goal was to relieve my pain and attain as high a level of physical health as possible. Tony was confident that he could help me address my issues. Within a relatively short time after starting my work with him, acquaintances began to note that I was walking more erectly. Prior to, and simultaneously with Tony’s guidance, I had been working with the Feldenkrais method, and each complemented the other well. I find that as my posture improves the level of pain decreases.

Tony likes to say “You work on and with issues, not around them.” I have great confidence in Tony’s knowledge and the way he works. He holds not only a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, but also he holds one of the top nationally recognized certifications. He not only knows anatomy, but is able to analyze physical problems and prescribe exercises that will address them. He is insistent about using proper form and technique. It sometimes takes my brain and body a while to understand how a particular exercise is to be performed, but with his patience and encouragement, I eventually learn what is possible for my body to do.

I look forward to continued improvement in areas of pain reduction, flexibility, strength, balance and overall health. I will continue working with Tony for his excellence in dealing with all of these matters..

Check me out on video doing 15 full push-ups, which hasn’t happened since Army basic training in 1951.

Who knows what I’ll be able to do at 100!
– David W. McCormick

Author: Peak Physique

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