Chris G – Testimonial

Woohoo!!! After 6 1/2 months, I finally hit my half way point…45 pounds, gone, goodbye, adios, au revoir, please don’t ever return LOL!!! BIG thanks to Doug James and Tony Adams from Peak Physique for helping me get to this point AND all of you for your support along the way!

And great news from my doctor. He was very impressed at my weight loss. He said and I quote “I want you to understand the significance of what I am about to tell you. I see 6,000 patients per year. Out of those 6,000 annual patients, I may have 6 success stories. I have two next week going in for gastric bypass surgery. However in my 20 years as a doctor, you have the most dramatic change I have ever seen. Congrats! Your blood pressure is pretty close to perfect (124/76) as it can be (and I had not taken my BP medication that day because of the fasting/pending blood work). I am going to rerun your blood work from April 2013 and I should have the results in 5-7 days. If it shows what I think it will show, I think we can stop your cholesterol pill, your high blood pressure pill and your acid reflux pill. Good job!”

BEST NEWS EVER…I am very happy and even more determined now!

Now we begin the sequel to get rid of the rest of the weight.

~ Chris G.

Chris G
6 months = Lost 45 pounds, 15 inches and 6% body fat.
Chris has traded in his 3x shirt for an XL!

Author: Peak Physique

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