About Us

Peak Physique exists to help busy entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and others achieve their fitness goals in the convenience of their own home. After a long day, do you give yourself reasons to put off going to the gym?  Or, perhaps you prefer hitting the snooze button instead of getting in a great workout before starting your workday?  Do you think that you don’t have enough time to include effective workouts in your busy schedule? Many of our clients had lots of reasons to not to workout regularly–but those reasons went away when one of our professional trainers started coming to their door and they started seeing results.


We find a dramatically higher success rate among our clients as compared with those who belong to a gym.  Our clients are more consistent with their workout schedule and achieve results more quickly.  As an added bonus, our clients save an average of an hour per workout day by not having to go to and from the gym.

Training Style

We believe in truly customizing and adapting to our clients’ schedules, needs and goals.  Some of our clients have more time to devote to their health and fitness than others–yet all our clients can achieve their goals through our individualized programs. Our team at Peak Physique does not believe in a one size fits all approach to your program.  Through the applications of proven principles of exercise physiology and health sciences, we quantitatively track your results in order to design and progress your regimen to achieve and maintain your goals as efficiently as possible.