Community Outreach

The Renewal ProjectsPeak Physique proudly supports The Renewal Projects.

The Renewal Projects is a community-based service organization providing a safe, nurturing, educational environment for high-risk individuals and people living with HIV/AIDS.  Peak Physique owner Tony Adams has spoken at their retreat on the benefits of exercising and nutrition. We are honored to be associated with such a great organization.

Read more about The Renewal Projects and consider giving your time or making a donation to this great program.

Peak Physique proudly supports the Fan Free Clinic. Fanfreeclinic

If you’re looking for an opportunity to volunteer your time to a very worthy organization, please contact the Fan Free Clinic on their website or on Facebook.

Richmond Center for Christian StudyPeak Physique proudly supports the Richmond Center for Christian Study.

Their mission is to bring gospel transformation to individuals and communities at the University of Richmond and throughout the surrounding Greater Richmond area by fostering serious consideration and discussion of a biblical worldview and its bearing on every area of life and culture.

To learn more about the Richmond Center for Christian Study, check out their website or “Like” them here on their Facebook page.